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Titre : Release (drabble)
Auteur :
Lilou0803 [1]
Genre :
frienship – drama - Hurt/comfort
Fandom :
Third Star
Personnages :
James – Miles
Rating :
Disclaimer : Third Star ne m’appartient pas, et je ne remercierai jamais assez Hattie Dalton et Vaughan Sivell, ainsi que tous les merveilleux acteurs de ce film, Benedict Cumberbatch en tête,  pour avoir mis au monde cette merveille.

N/A : Ce texte est une traduction de « Délivrance [2] » => Un immense merci à Piwi-chan [3] pour son aide, elle a donné de la saveur à une traduction qui sans elle aurait été bien fade.




It feels like I’m floating, weightless. I feel good, surrounded by muffled and distant sounds, even if sometimes, they can reach me. And break this silence. This darkness. This well-being. My bubble world. My safe haven. I can’t tell for how long I’m here. An eternity maybe ? It doesn’t matter.

Something is changing. What’s going on ? What’s happening to me ? It hurts… My world is crashing down. I’m thrown into a tight corridor, so narrow… And then, there is the light. I see it, I’m attracted to it like a butterfly caught in a hurricane. I can’t help it. It seems the world that was such a safe place not so long ago is trying to get rid of me, in a brutal way. I can feel that sharp pain into my lungs creeping under my skin. It’s burning, I feel torn apart. I’m going to die, I can tell. This is the end. I’m suffocating, I can’t catch my breath… and then, here we are. Inhaling. Exhaling. Inhaling… No one is stopping me, but what is this coldness in my bones ? I realize that I’m screaming, a bunch of unbearable sounds are ringing out of my ears. I suppose this is what they call life. I’m crying. Where is my safe world, why did they have to tear myself from this reassuring place ?

I’m trying to hold my breath. It is a permanent struggle between my will and survival instinct, to see which one is going to have the upper hand. Mechanically, I open my mouth, trying to catch some air, but instead, the sea water is rushing into my throat and nose endlessly… I can feel the pain in my lungs, the burning… again. I’m torn apart. I’m going to die. I can’t breathe even if I try. The air is gone. And this coldness is here, surrounding me. Unbearable. I’m looking at the sky, everything seems so far away. Its blue reflection is all around me. And then, I feel a sense of fear overwhelming me. I scream, a very long and muffed scream. A trail of bubbles escape from my mouth, a loud buzzing fill up my ears. It hurts. I suffocate. I want to stay, don’t misunderstand me, but my body is trying to escape my will, I can’t do it anymore… I’m going to come to the surface. Help me Miles, you promised !

Suddenly, he is here, answering my silent pleading. His hands grab my shirt, he’s holding me and crying with all his heart. I thought we couldn’t cry underwater. I must have been wrong all this time. He’s suffering with me, still holding his breath. Looking me being in agony must be difficult for him but he’s helping me through that. He’s so strong. I would like to tell him that it’s nearly done. I’m trying to reach him with my hands, and show him how much I love him and how grateful I am. I hope my eyes can reflect all my feelings for him, for them. The most precious things in life are not those you can get from money, but the ones made out of all one’s being. And they gave that to me.

I’m now free of all pain, and that’s such a relief… It’s like I’m starting from the beginning. Something I’ve experienced before. A long time ago. I don’t want to fight any longer, I’ll let myself go, in this deep blue surrounding… It is… It is like I’m back from where all of this began, the origin of everything, the origin of life… and death.

It feels like I’m floating, weightless. I feel good, I’m no longer cold nor afraid. I can see this fading light behind Mile’s shape that makes him nearly illusory. The surrounding silence is so calming. And this overwhelming darkness is swallowing me whole, engulfing me like a soothing blanket. I can’t tell for how long I’ve been here. An eternity maybe ? It doesn’t matter anymore.


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